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Thursday Bookshelf: SKYGODS The Fall of Pan Am

Having recently reread the the excellent book Skygods: The Fall of Pan Am the subject of Pan American World Airways, America’s global ambassador which was born in Key West and throughout its history maintained a large presence in Miami was very much on my mind. From 1927 until 1969 Pan American World Airways was the undisputed […]

Flashback Friday: Eastern to Florida in 1972

With the recent rebirth of Eastern Airlines, nostalgia about carrier that was during my childhood the largest airline in the free world has resurfaced. Eastern Airlines was from the 1920’s until the 1980’s the primary airline transporting people to/from Florida In the days of airline regulation, Eastern was awarded the bulk of lucrative north/south routes […]

JetBlue starting Daytona Beach service

Great news for Daytona Beach International Airport – JetBlue Airways who the airport has long courted will begin nonstop service to New York (JFK) in February 2016. With the addition of Daytona Beach to the JetBlue network, perhaps Melbourne which has recently rebounded after losing most air service between 2001 and 2009 is next for […]

Miami is emerging as the “new” New York for international media

Miami and the greater South Florida area have long benefited from geography and climate. In recent years, Miami has emerged as a truly global destination and one of the most recognizable American cities abroad. While the area’s reputation isn’t always pristine domestically or even in the state of Florida, internationally the image of the area […]

Pan Am, political influence and the growth of Florida’s international tourism economy

Following last week’s feature on Eastern Airlines return it made sense to look back at the history of Pan Am and its impact on the state of Florida. Before we begin let me recommend the book, Skygods: The Fall of Pan Am which is one of the finest narratives I have ever read about the aviation industry. […]

Florida becomes 3rd most populated state – some thoughts

When Florida became the nation’s 4th largest state in 1987, I was ecstatic. As a young kid I will admit I had an inferiority complex with many areas from the rest of the nation who got more attention on TV, had more pro sports teams and where all my relatives lived. Boasting about Florida’s size, […]