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What Leader Chris Smith got right about the “warning shot” debate

The debates over the so-called “warning shot” legislation in both the House and Senate have been impassioned and contentious rounds of sparring, revealing harsh divides between and within the parties. The bills were an ideological mire for Democrats. And for Republicans, it was another opportunity to manipulate the very real and pressing imbalances created by SYG, which disproportionately […]

HB 255: Rep. Gaetz’s ‘Red Meat for Gun Nuts’ Act

Whether you’re begrudgingly supportive of Charlie Crist, optimistically still backing Nan Rich, quixotically hoping for Bill Nelson to jump in, or one of those sociopaths that voted for Gov. Scott, one thing we can all agree on: Florida faces many problems. Real problems that affect people’s lives in real ways. Some of which can be […]