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Joe Biden is referred to as a moderate. How centrist was his voting record relative to the times and other members of Congress?

The media narrative that Joe Biden represents the moderate third way has been aided by the attacks of other candidates for Democratic nomination on both his US Senate voting record and on the Obama Administration. Given this general acceptance of his moderation I decided to dig deeper because never have I as a keen political […]

15 years on from the invasion, very little media attention on Iraq? Why?

This week, fifteen years ago the US invaded Iraq without provocation. The “preemptive” war pushed by President George W. Bush, who lacked the basic intellect to understand that not all Arabs or Muslims who oppose the US are aligned (which is how presumably David Frum conned him into using the “Axis of Evil” phrase lumping […]

Joe Biden was right about Partitioning Iraq in 2006

In recent days, neo-conservatives have hit the Obama Administration blaming the surge in Al-Qaeda violence on ┬áthe withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. By taking this hard line, the neo-cons have tacitly admitted that they intended for the US to be a permanent occupation force of a far flung country which has little impact on […]