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Leroy Collins at Selma and 1968

On this week’s edition of The Florida History Podcast, we discuss Governor Leroy Collins historic work after leaving the Governorship. Collins played a critical and often under-discussed role in ensuring the Selma to Montgomery march went ahead and ran in 1968 for the US Senate – a race where his moderate racial views ran head […]

50th Anniversary of MLK Jr Death: Parallels to Gandhi

    Martin Luther King Jr. never met Mohandas Gandhi but yet the Leader of the non-violent Indian Independence movement had a great deal of influence over the similar movement for the liberation of African-Americans from the racist policies of Southern Democratic politicians. MLK Jr. in his own words on Gandhi’s influence on him: King wanted […]

Flashback Friday: The Tallahassee bus boycott 60 years on

Sixty years ago this week, two FAMU students sat down in the designated whites only area of a City of Tallahassee bus.  Carrie Patterson and Wilhelmina Jakes sat in the whites only section of a city bus on May 26, 1956 and were arrested for “attempting to incite a riot.” The previous year Rosa Parks heroic […]

Flashback Friday: Civil Rights, Southern Manifesto and Voting Rights in Florida

In light of recent Civil Rights related controversies a look back at some of the sorry history of Florida members of Congress during the Civil Rights era. The Southern Manifesto (1956) from Florida. According to the official US House of Representatives site: ” Howard Smith of Virginia, chairman of the House Rules Committee, introduced theSouthern Manifesto in a […]

Charlie’s heart, Charlie’s stomach

The following column was submitted by a Democratic staffer working in South Florida who wishes to remain anonymous.  __ Everything That’s Wrong With the Gubernatorial Primary in One Picture It’s been two weeks since I heard U.S. Congressman Alcee Hastings address this picture at a meeting of the Pompano Beach Democratic Club, and yet I […]