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MSNBC and the left must call time on Joy Ann Reid

The fact that Joy Ann Reid hails from Florida and has a program on MSNBC has made it difficult to even have appropriate private conversations about her work. But the reality is that Reid is a classic political propagandist, someone who parks liberal/progressive ideology and the values associated with the left at the door to […]

What we are reading: Is MSNBC resisting the resistance?

Huffington Post (okay I know the name changed to Huff Post two weeks ago but indulge me, because we need to consistently honor Ariana Huffington’s initial vision for this project, because when she conceived the site we didn’t have a liberal alternative to so many well-developed conservative web portals.) has an interesting in-depth look at […]

Why NBC keeps enabling Florida’s own Joe Scarborough

By now no doubt everyone has read about former Congressman and current MSNBC personality Joe Scarborough’s foray to Palm Beach on New Year’s Eve to do something with President Elect Donald Trump. ¬†Scarborough who has alternated between GOP critic, conservative apologist and wanna-be statewide candidate in Florida for a decade continues to be little more […]