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Video: Alligator at Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge

New TFS video series: Florida natural areas

We’re starting a new series at TFS where we will film natural areas from across the state and upload the videos to our YouTube page. The videos will be HD quality or in some cases (shorter videos) in 4K and without narration. As I travel the state in my new role as the Executive Director […]

Podcast: Michael Grunwald on the Big Cypress Jetport and environmental awakenings in Florida politics

It’s our privilege this week on The Florida History Podcast, to be joined by Michael Grunwald, author of The Swamp and current writer for Politico Magazine. In this episode we discuss the political fight over the building of the Jetport and how it awakened environmentalism in Florida. This is the first of two holiday season […]

Find Your Perfect Beach: A Tale of Poor Planning for Customary Use on 30A

  By now, you have heard people grumbling about Rick Scott signing the Private Beach Anti-Customary Use Law (HB631) this year. The new law has opened a can of worms that may take years to sort out. It has also laid bare some of the state’s most inept leaders and corrupt political missteps to finally […]

Explore the beautiful Indian River Lagoon Scenic Byway

I stumbled upon a great YouTube video touring the Indian River Lagoon Scenic Byway, a Florida Scenic Highway. The areas around the Indian River Lagoon remain among the most unspoiled coastal areas on the Florida peninsula. Check out the YouTube and for those of in central Florida take this drive soon!

What we are reading: Florida’s building boom threatens wildlife-rich lagoon

A deadly serious Associated Press article on the threat to the Indian River Lagoon via Florida Politics.  This is a MUST read for any Floridian particularly those on the Space and Treasure Coasts. The lagoon contains five state parks, four national wildlife refugees and the Canaveral National Seashore. It is an irreplaceable natural treasure our state […]

What we are reading: All about Lake Okeechobee and algae

Algae bloom on coastal areas and other water systems  connected to Lake Okeechobee has been at the center of much discussion in this state over the last year. Yesterday SB 10 which has been much talked about for the duration of the legislative session passed the Senate yesterday. A pet priority of President Joe Negron […]

What we are reading: Trump’s new Gulf of Mexico oil and gas drilling proposal looks a lot like Obama’s

Donald Trump’s drilling proposal in the Gulf of Mexico is bad news for Florida. The Washington Post sees similarities between it and President Obama’s policies.  Floridians shouldn’t care whether it is Obama or Trump making the proposal. Heck, Jeb Bush even opposed his brother’s Gulf drilling proposal in 2001 because he knew it wasn’t beneficial […]

What we are reading: Is Florida moving too slow to save the Everglades?

From Florida Trend comes a summary of a national report.  The report makes it clear that impediments have placed on restoration efforts. Quoting from the report: Timely authorization, adequate funding levels, and creative policy and implementation strategies are needed to achieve restoration benefits and to expedite implementation of the Central Everglades Planning Project.  Climate change and […]

Rick Scott’s kleptocracy is coming for our springs (again) — this time we’re fighting back in court

As a kid growing up in Leesburg I spent more time at Silver Springs than any other Florida attraction. My mother loved going out in the glass-bottom boat to the spring. I loved seeing the monkeys which were said to be fugitives from an earlier “jungle cruise” attraction gone wrong. An erstwhile Florida attraction investor […]