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Cultural fits matter in elections – winnable races being blown

As Election Day approaches, we need to examine successes and failures, and adopt accordingly. Now, looking at national trends and trying to make them work in Florida is not always a good idea, but it’s a useful exercise nonetheless. Two weeks out it’s impossible to know the results, but I think we can see definite […]

Express Lane: A view on out of state consultants and Lin-Manuel Miranda to rally support for Democratic GOTV

As election season comes to a close and we look forward to the annual autopsy of Florida Democrats. I want to address a subject which annoys me but hasn’t been addressed enough, out of state consultants.  Now, I don’t claim to speak for the Republicans, nor have I been practicing this craft that long (I […]

Express Lane: Local Party Building

Growing up in Baltimore, when I came of age, I was introduced into machine politics. While maybe not the way politics ought to be, machines work. The local Baltimore machine is ruthless, ensuring that incumbents maintain power and largely successfully stifling challengers.  However, as a Florida Democrat, I can’t say the same system exists. While […]

Florida Senate Preview – one month out

The Florida Senate hasn’t been a competitive chamber for 20 years, and will not be this year. However, following redistricting, Republicans are in striking distance of a super majority, needing 27 out of the available 40 to win a super-majority.  In this piece, we want to cover every race, to give our readers a preview.  […]

Five State House races to watch

By Joe Dye The Florida State House will not be a competitive chamber for the foreseeable future, if ever again at this point. Florida’s increasing GOP lean, combined with the maximization of GOP-lean and likely seats, through the redistricting process, as well as countless past missed opportunities by the Democrats  has rendered the chamber uncompetitive.  […]