President Biden is running for reelection. How does Florida factor in?

President Biden, despite being in his 80’s is seeking reelection. After losing Florida in 2020, what role will the Sunshine State play in his reelection?

  • Florida remains an important state for Democratic donors and fundraising. Expect Biden or surrogates to spend plenty of time here.
  • The Florida Primary will pit Biden against at least two challengers – Marianne Williamson who is running as a progressive to Biden’s left, and Robert Kennedy Jr., who has extensive Florida ties, including formerly being of counsel to Morgan & Morgan and for years hosting a national radio show, with Pensacola’s Mike Papantonio, who was law partners with the esteemed Fred Levin. Kennedy is defined as a progressive, but more of a Glenn Greenwald progressive than a Bernie Sanders one. Sanders for his part has already endorsed Biden. Williamson who ran in 2020, mixes an eclectic set of issues, which puts her far outside the mainstream. I actually personally find her views fascinating, not that I agree with them all or intend to cast a vote for her. But I don’t begrudge her for running. On RFK Jr. running, and its validity, let’s save that conversation for another time. It probably deserves its own post.
  • In a potential General Election against Governor Ron DeSantis, Biden could lose Florida by 15-20 points- similar to how noncompetitive Texas was in 2000 and 2004. However against Donald J. Trump of another GOP nominee, Florida could be a 5 point state- therefore one that might end up on target lists. It won’t be a top tier target, and Florida is a notoriously expensive state to run in, because of the number of large media markets that money has to be spent.
  • Rick Scott who has never been very popular, but strong enough to win three statewide elections by razor-thin margins is on the ballot. Will the Democrats have a top-tier challenger that can help drive turnout and potentially improve Biden’s prospects in the state? Doubtful, but it is possible.


  1. The left · ·

    You are not a progressive at all if you dismiss RFK

    You’ve become just another DNC/FDP hack

    Enjoy you’re daily diet of CNN + MSNBC propaganda

    RFK already at 20% + unlike Bernie he us not pulling punches

    Williamson in the race to dilute RFK

    Like Warren with Bernie

    DNC games



  2. Bernie Biden and Kartik all go around waving Ukrainian flags.

    Dems now the party of imperialism

    RFK last vestige of old traditional Dems


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