Welcome to the Florida Soccer Report- USL season returns!

Over at Beyond the 90′, We have something called the Florida Soccer Report (which is free, if you want to purchase a paid subscription at the site, it’s great for us, and will give you lost of European football analysis not available for free, but all Florida-related content is always free at BT90′) and last night, my colleague Johnathan Starling completed our first Saturday night wrap-up of USL Action.

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  1. Kartik, I know you like to make this site just about politics history and news and try and avoid sports completely but it would actually be very helpful if you posted these Florida soccer reports over here instead of just the link because substack is unmanageable for some of us, and it doesn’t hurt to put the same content over here. If you control both sites what’s the big deal about trying to drive traffic from one to the other ?


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