Florida’s First African-American statewide official- Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs

Florida History Podcast :Florida’s first statewide African-American official, Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs.

Johnathan Clarkson Gibbs served as the first black statewide official . The above linked podcast from 2021 discusses his career and legacy.


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    Kartik – 

    I published a book on a mostly unknown Union raid that occurred in March 1865 targeting a Marion County plantation. Here is the book’s back-cover blurb – 

    In March 1865, a 30-man team of mostly Black Union soldiers traveled from Jacksonville, Florida 100 miles behind enemy lines to conduct a ridiculously daring raid in remote Marion County. Then they had to return on foot to St. Augustine 80 miles from the raid site, knowing an accomplished Confederate cavalry unit would be hot on their trail.

    The Black raiders planned the operation, employed their own strategy, led by a Black Sergeant-Major – no White officer – and carried out the mission.

    Why? Everyone knew that the war was almost over.

    They sought to do what White commanders never had—to succeed where others failed.

    “White-washed” by Confederacy apologists, this book uses a range of sources to reveal a clearer story of this amazing raid by courageous, determined men. This odd raid is a keystone event in the Black soldier’s journey to gain acceptance, parity, and respect in the White man’s army.

    It is an awesome story that I love to tell. Let me know if you want to talk about it.

    Bruce Seaman​


  2. Bruce Seaman · ·

    I forgot to send a link to the book – 

    Thanks for your consideration,



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