Gun Control and the Democratic Party Chair’s Race

On February 14, we soberly commemorated the 5th Anniversary of the MSD High School mass murder. Ironically enough this 5th anniversary came just two days after Nikki Fried threw her hat into the race to lead the Florida Democratic Party.

Last year, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried sued the Biden Administration about an issue related to guns, citing “freedom” as a leading cause of her position.

Now, Fried is seeking to be FDP Chair.

Fried has a history of supporting GOP candidates and pro-gun legislators including former Senate President Joe Negron. Senator Annette Taddeo, the chief rival of Freid’s was spot on with this tweet last year.

Not everyone was convinced a year ago by Fried’s claimed conversion, because Fried has flip-flopped on the issue – something she ironically claimed her Democratic Primary rival for Governor, Charlie Crist did regularly.

Much like on the issue of masks where Fried’s own instincts were to be to the right of most Democrats (possibly because of her extensive ties to and previous support for prominent GOP candidates?), the Ag Commissioner has been mispositioned on guns to lead the FDP.

Her 11th hour conversion on banning Assault Weapons when she was running for Governor and trailing in the polls should be taken with a grain of salt.

Fried’s own public narrative last year when running for Governor on guns appeared to be an attempt to show contempt for the values of voters in the Democratic Party, while obsessing about Ron DeSantis personally and highlighting photos and videos of herself.

Frankly, it’s all quite pathetic.

In Annette Taddeo we have a long-standing champion of gun control and public safety running for FDP Chair. Why any values-based Democrat would think Fried’s previous views on guns is acceptable is beyond me.

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