Top lines – Florida Democrats in crisis

As we continue our deep-dive analysis into the Florida Democratic Party’s problems here are some of the top lines of what we’ve uncovered. This process has yielded far more cracks in the party’s facade than we had originally anticipated so we are continuing the conversation into January, and will issue a report when finished.

Each of these top lines have several components we will elaborate on in the report.

1. Tribalism: Geographical and Organizational Based

2. Geographical ignorance

3. Historical institutional ignorance

4. Demographic ignorance 

5. Lack of communication at all levels

6. Shifting of critical party-building responsibilities from the party to outside entities  

7. Shift from a party-focused to candidate-focused or outside-entity structure

8. Consultancy ‘gravy train’, and the cycle of recycling

9. Reliance on ‘bad money’.

10. DECs: becoming social clubs, debating societies and not institutions of political growth

11. Party and candidate media are not able to keep up with changing events. No rapid response.

12. Asking for free work instead of paying consultants or staff

13. Superiority complex of party officials, elected officials and key stakeholder


  1. Jim Callahan · ·

    Just got Florida Division of Elections voter CD, “Statewide Voter Registration and Voting History Extract File December 2022 (includes data through end of prior month) REDACTED 12/15/2022” Expect to have raw data processed soon and analysis shortly after Christmas. I would expect this disk to include voter history for November 3rd, 2022 election.

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    1. Thanks it’s almost surely to be more depressing news


  2. If we don’t look, and correct these deficiencies, we will be unable to change course. Please keep going, Kartik!!


  3. Steve Schneider · ·

    Those who don’t study the recent past are condemned to repeat it.


  4. Patrick J · ·

    Interesting list. I think a focus and 6 and 10 provide a way out. I look forward to your thoughts on this.


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