Rethinking the Turnpike – Service Plaza’s for tourist development

When I was young, Turnpike Service Plaza’s were effectively billboards for Florida. From the tall Orange Towers (photo below) to the promotion of Florida on the inside, the plaza’s had a very interesting feel.

From Florida Memory

Florida does a wonderful job with its Welcome Center’s at the state line, and that concept should and could be brought to Turnpike rest areas. This would also help stimulate tourist diversions to often driven past places in-between southeast Florida and Orlando as well as perhaps some extra day trips to other parts of the state.

This tourist development function can be located at the center of the plaza’s where currently different brochures sit – set up a kiosk. Provide a glass of free Florida Orange Juice and sell fresh citrus products.

It is certainly true that Florida has about six times as many permanent residents now as it did when the Sunshine State Parkway first opened in 1957, and therefore Service Plaza’s have been redesigned and expanded to meet current needs. But in this expanded manner, with a larger footprint, there is plenty of additional room for proper promotion of Florida.

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