What exactly should an FDP Chair do?

One of the real interesting takeaway’s thus far from the deep-dive audit of Florida Democrats that Dave Trotter and I are undertaking, is the lack of consistency among activists and party stakeholders about what the actual job of the Florida Democrats Chair is.

So what exactly is the role of the FDP Chair?

  • is it to use the bully pulpit to earn media and be a spokesperson for the party?
  • is it to tour the state and check in on local Democratic Party’s?
  • is it to hire staff and manage the party’s statewide operation?
  • is it to primarily focus on fundraising?
  • is it to work with elected officials to get buy-in with the party?

Obviously some component of all-of-the-above is the answer BUT from our conversations thus far, we’re hearing stakeholders feel one of the above list should be the absolute priority.

What are your thoughts on this? What is the most important function of a state party chair?


  1. Fundraising should be the t


  2. Jim Callahan · ·

    Role of the FDP Chair?
    At a minimum
    1. Fundraising
    2. Hire Executive Director of FDP and provide guidance
    Bonus points after above:
    3. Spokesperson for party (especially if this helps with fundraising)
    4. Tour state using personal funds unless fundraising is going extremely well (or to attend fundraisers)
    5. Make sure elected officials are supporting the party and if not find out why not (for example: did their campaign get VoteBuilder on a timely basis?)


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