Full deep-dive audit and panel report of Florida Democrats underway

We’ve begun working on a full audit/ report about the failures of the Florida Democrats is underway. We intend this to not be the usual window dressing and rearranging Titanic deck chairs that has characterized Florida Democrats reaction to failure in the last two decades but a serious, deep-dive that attempts to diagnose the systemic problems with the party and its associated entities at all levels.

We encourage all stakeholders in the Florida Democratic Party to participate. All comments will remain anonymous but will be on the record.

You can contact us at Floridademocrats2022@gmail.com or kkfla737@yahoo.com . DM’s on Twitter work as well for myself or Kartik.

This is intended to be a serious exercise, not an effort to settle political scores or impugn individuals personally. We intend for this to be a report that diagnoses problems and offers constructive analysis and solutions.

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