The red tsunami in numbers

  • With Tuesday’s clean sweep, the GOP has now won 24 of the last 26 races for governor and cabinet.
  • The GOP will have either 84 or 85 State House seats. If its 85, it breaks the record for the party when it held 84 seats after the 2004 election.
  • Ron DeSantis victory margin was the largest ever for a GOPer running for governor in the history of the state.
  • Much has been made of Miami-Dade’s shift to the right, and it can now be argued Miami-Dade is the most GOP large urban county in the country. But even more damaging to Democrats is the shift we saw in Miami-Dade which was attributable to Latinos, we now have also seen in heavily Hispanic Osceola County. And we are now seeing it in every major urban county in the state. Every urban county, including heavily Democratic, Orange and Broward have shifted AT LEAST 12 POINTS TOWARD THE GOP at the top of the ballot since 2018.
  • Palm Beach County supported a GOP nominee for Governor for the first time since 1986.
  • The GOP has now won the last three races in the state for US Senate, the first time that has EVER happened.
  • Charlie Crist carrying just five counties is the least by a Democratic nominee EVER.
  • Crist’s % of the vote was the least for a Democratic nominee for Governor since 1916. It is the lowest % ever for a Democrat in a race between just two major party candidates (in 1916, the GOP nominee did even worse than the Democratic nominee as Sidney Catts, a registered Democrat was elected Governor on Prohibition ticket).
  • The Democrats are down to only 12 State Senate seats for the second time in history.

Meanwhile, outside Florida it was a good night for the Democrats. That reality should finally force wholesale change in not only party leadership but HOW the party operates.

One comment

  1. Time to take a DEEP DIVE to figure out the best plan, going forward. It can be done without blaming folks. Less than 50% of the Democrats in Broward County bothered to vote, while 61% of the Repubs did. Broward WAS a reliable Democratic stronghold. If less than 50% of our people vote, it is on us!!


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