Express Lane: Ian fallout for Crist, DeSantis, Central Florida and the citrus industry

President Biden’s kind words about Governor DeSantis during a joint appearance on Wednesday in Ian-ravaged SW Florida makes a difficult task for Crist even more difficult. The response to Ian from the governor, points to DeSantis being efficient privately as a executor of governance and coordination with federal and local authorities, while publicly trashing the federal government, legacy media and “Brandon,” to placate his base and the sort of crazy internet-driven following he has cultivated. Seems sort of two-faced, like Donald J. Trump, who is nasty and combative publicly, but behind closed doors seems to be an agreeable pussy cat by many accounts.

Property Insurance is probably the only issue that can save Charlie Crist’s candidacy in the wake of Ian. So why is he not hammering home some pointed messaging on this matter? This is what several insiders have privately been saying to us. Stay tuned, maybe Crist’s team will find the disciplined approach on this issue that has been so far lacking.

Why has a lack of focus been put on East Central and Central Florida’s unbelievable flooding in the wake of Ian? Southwest Florida certainly needs the coverage its getting and the help that’s been delivered, but it feels like what was a statewide event has turned into a regional one in the last few days. Volusia, Brevard, Seminole, Orange, Osceola and Polk counties all took a pretty big whack from Ian and are still recovering, slowly but surely.

No question Southwest Florida deserves the bulk of national attention, but Central Florida which is a major economic driver on this state is getting shut out of news coverage. Additionally, the citrus industry, already reeling in recent years took a pretty big hit from Ian. That needs to be focused on more as well.

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