TFS Express Lane for September 22: Tallahassee goings on, Jason Broduer’s campaign against the media and Al Lawson’s chances

After getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Mayor John Dailey was forced go back on his private promises with City money in recent days in Tallahassee.

After investigative reporting showed he had given stakeholders commitments of specific allocations of public dollars at now-infamous meetings that took place at his house, the recommendations were conspicuously removed from this week’s City Commission meeting Wednesday.

Stay tuned as Capital City elections continue to auger positive change in November!

Check out some great local journalism on this issue from Margie Menzel of WFSU and Karl Etters of the Tallahassee Democrat  

Reporter Chris Cann has also distinguished himself of late with incredible reporting on the boiling scandal involving Eddie Gallagher — noted American war criminal who has been denounced by Navy Seal brass — training TPD officers and a convert effort to undermine civilian oversight of the Department.

Once again, our our Kartik Krishnaiyer has written a piece on Governor DeSantis for The New Republic, one of the premier political & policy publications in the US for generations. He breaks down how DeSantis Martha’s Vineyard kerfuffle is reshaping Florida politics.

State Senator Jason Brodeur (R- Lake Mary) not only benefited in 2020 from the ghost candidate scandal, the biggest tangible election fraud scandal in the country that year, but now is projecting by attacking the media. Seminole County’s GOP has long been among the most corrupt local parties in the state going back to the time of the 2000 Presidential recount, and has recently seen its Chairman convicted and prominent political consultants/operatives also indicted. We also have the small matter of former Countywide elected official, Joel Greenberg, whom everyone around the country has heard about.

Well guess what? It’s all a media plot! Brodeur whose Senate seat was acquired through fraud is soliciting donations by attacking The Orlando Sentinel, and claiming it’s an extension of the Democratic Party. The DeSantis-era GOP has no shame and will never ever be accountable for its own actions, as it’s always part of some conspiracy or media plot, correct?

Al Lawson Internal Poll. 

This morning, Congressman Al Lawson released an internal poll by David Binder Research indicating he is losing to incumbent Congressman Neal Dunn by 6%, 49%-43%.

Congressman Lawson was effectively redistricted out of his seat, through Governor Ron DeSantis’s race-based redistricting plan, which eliminated two black performing seats, while packing Democrats in several others to maximize GOP potential on the map .

However, the Congressman releasing this internal poll is still exceptionally concerning. 

In 2020, President Biden lost the new district by roughly 11%. However, because of the Congressman’s high name recognition, some thought Lawson had a chance.

This poll indicates that Lawson will not compete, probably won’t be competitive, and possibly run behind President Biden. The way Congressional campaigns do internal polls is complex but necessary to understand. They usually run a poll 10 different times ranging from best to worst case scenario. Campaigns sometimes release the best case scenario if they deem it will help fundraising or supporter morale. 

Had the Lawson camp found they had a path to victory, I’d support releasing the poll, but in the best case scenario, he’s losing by six, needing to win almost every undecided to hit 50%,

Furthermore, in the “informed ballot” or poll after the pollster says positive things about the candidate, Lawson is still losing by 2%. 

Lawson’s legendary career may be winding down, but Tallahassee and surrounding areas need to fight back against the gerrymander that was intended to elect a white Congressman AND deprive Tallahassee of proper representation. The district needs to support the Leon County legend, in Al Lawson who we have proudly endorsed at this site. 

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