TFS Endorsement – Allen Zeman for Broward School Board

Dr. Allen Zeman is a uniquely qualified candidate for Broward School Board. An analytics specialist he’s worked for President Clinton as well as numerous other government officials both foreign and domestic as well with industry executives. His runoff opponent in a county-wide at large seat is Donna Korn, a member recently suspended by Governor DeSantis.

A Florida native, born in Gainesville with multiple degrees from Florida State University, Zeman attended Broward County Public Schools and now seeks to add his unique voice to the the conversation at the School Board level.

He graduated and was hired by the U.S. Navy where he took the most-challenging assignments at sea and in combat zones like Baghdad, Iraq where he served for a year as the Chief Economist for the Reconstruction of Iraq. While not deployed, he was selected to Senior Executive status at age 32 (equivalent to Navy admiral), led the Training and Education system and served on the DoD School Board.

Donna Korn, who was appointed to the School Board a decade ago by Governor Rick Scott was a GOPer, then an NPA and is now a Democrat. We could scrutinize her record on the School Board, but more important than that is that if she returns for another term, Governor DeSantis could very well remove her permanently or suspend her again – even if he loses reelection as the new School Board terms do overlap with the current Gubernatorial term.

Irrespective of Korn’s potential removal again, Zeman is a highly-qualified, well-versed progressive voice that will enhance the Broward School Board on any number of critical issues for children, teachers, communities and parents.

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