Property Insurance and Rent Control – where the Democrats must go to win in November

Florida’s Governor race has become a nationalized contest thanks to the aggressive performance art of Governor Ron DeSantis. While DeSantis drones on about cultural issues that divide Floridians, pitting neighbor against neighbor, family member against family member and friend against friend, the state has become unaffordable for a large segment of the population.

Property Insurance Companies are fleeing the state, as average rates have more than doubled during DeSantis tenure, yet the legislature and Governor have done nothing about it.

Rents are skyrocketing, but outside the Orange County Commission who has forwarded a proposal for the November ballot, Florida’s leaders have largely passed on this issue as well.

Charlie Crist took on the insurance companies as GOP Governor (much to the chagrin of many in his then-party and even some Democrats) and has repeatedly pointed out how expensive rent is in his hometown of St Petersburg.

While the Governor continues to try and nationalize every comment, this race is effectively about Florida and the squeeze average Floridians have been put under by GOP governance of the state for the last quarter century. The bill has come due, we’re all suffering down here.

Property Insurance and Rent Control are THE issues Democrats can run hard on this cycle.

As the fall campaign begins, the Democrats must sing from the same songbook on these issues of critical importance to the working people of this state.

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  1. Thank you. Add Reproductive Rights and you’ve got the winning combination.
    I will share this article with everyone I know!


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