Frontier cuts a whopping 27 nonstop Florida routes for this summer

Less than a week after failing in its bid to acquire Florida-based Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines is taking a scalp to this winter’s Florida flying plans.

The following routes will not be flown this winter and have been zeroed out in reservation systems in the last week.

Fort Lauderdale- Green Bay/Portland (ME)/Rochester/Syracuse

Fort Myers- Buffalo/Indianapolis/Islip/Omaha/Portland (ME)/Providence/Syracuse

Miami-Cleveland/Dallas-Fort Worth/Detroit/Syracuse

Orlando- Colorado Springs/Kansas City/Minneapolis-St Paul/Sioux Falls

Tampa- Columbus/Green Bay/Milwaukee/Portland (ME)/Providence/ Raleigh/Durham/Rochester/Syracuse

Operational problems, and over capacity have led to a reduced RASM(Revenue per Available Seat Miles) have plagued airline service to Florida of late. In fact among “major” airline hubs as defined by the FAA, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Tampa have plunged to the bottom of the RASM category nationally in 2021 and thus far in 2022.

Let’s hope Frontier is alone in cutting so many routes to the state, given they had placed a premium on Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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