The British in Florida – Our Albion Florida Podcast series

Perfect listening for 4th of July weekend.

Episode 1- Introduction, El Camino Real and why Florida was different

Episode 2- Building the Castillo de San Marcos

Episode 3- Queen Anne’s War Part 1- March to war, Battle of the Flint River, Siege of St Augustine

Episode 4- Apalachee Massacre, destruction and depopulation of Spanish La Florida

Episode 5- Runaway slaves, free African-Americans and the start of the War of Jenkins Ear

Episode 6- War of Jenkins Ear

Episode 7- Florida Becomes British

Episode 8- British East and West Florida 1763-1775

Episode 9- The American Revolution begins – Florida’s role

Episode 10- Catholicism’s role and other factors that kept Florida loyal to Britain

Episode 11- Patrick Tonyn & The first Continental Army invasion of Florida

Episode 12- Battles of Thomas Creek & Alligator Creek Bridge

Episode 13- West Florida front

Episode 14- Pensacola

Episode 15- St Augustine 1779-1782

Episode 16- Second Spanish Period

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  1. S W McCabe · ·


    I have been following “The Florida Squeeze” since 2016 and enjoy your political and Florida history posts.

    Thank you so much for covering the 2022 Tallahassee City Commission elections.

    Please consider endorsing other local city commission candidate as well as some excellent candidates running for Leon County Commission (see the attached “No 2 DOAK” slate endorsements). Candidates on this slate are registered Democrats with the exception of Damon Victor, candidate for Leon County Commissioner in District 3.

    I happen to live in Leon County District 3 where I am supporting Damon Victor, the NPA candidate. Note that there is another District 3 candidate, Joey Lamar, who I and others think is good. Victor and Lamar are running against career politician Rick Minor, a first-term county commissioner who was hired by Scott Maddox when he was Leon County party chair to run the John Kerry for President local campaign (a disaster), who later served as chair of the Leon County Democratic Party (don’t know the time period) and went on to serve as Tallahassee Mayor John Marks’ aide. After a stint as director of Second Harvest and various attempts at running for state and local office, he finally ran to replace John Dailey as Leon County District 3 commissioner in 2018 and unfortunately won. (Note: he dropped out of a local commission race at the request of Scott Maddox – it’s documented on the Leon County Supervisor of election website.) Minor needs to be replaced. Having observed his voting record since 2018, I have seen him consistently support development projects that have not benefitted the voters of Leon County. He changed his vote on Doak Campbell Stadium on the third Blueprint vote and takes credit for his late vote on this unpopular Blueprint decision in hopes of getting re-elected. Victor has publicly opposed Doak since the first vote on Doak in May 2021 and decided to run against Minor shortly thereafter.

    Electing the “NO 2 DOAK” slate candidates can stop the corruption in our county. Please help us!

    Sara (Sally) McCabe

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    1. Thanks much! Feel free to email me at with any more ideas and to keep the conversation going.

      We’re going to dive deeper into Tallahassee city and Leon County politics in the near future.


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