The American Revolution in West Florida front

In our latest edition of the Albion Florida series of The Florida History Podcast, we focus on the the push to liberate West Florida.

For years it was ignored by history books, but recently scholars of the revolution have begun to emphasize the importance of fighting along the Gulf Coast of North America in discussions about the later years of the Revolutionary War.  The campaign conducted by Spain and the Continental Army against British West Florida. Note that our entire narrative takes place on what are now parts of other states but were governed by the British as part of their colony of West Florida. Additionally, the campaign’s goal was to take Pensacola, but needed to liberate British held locales between the Mississippi River and thew West Florida capital city.

Albion Florida series:

Episode 1- Introduction, El Camino Real and why Florida was different

Episode 2- Building the Castillo de San Marcos

Episode 3- Queen Anne’s War Part 1- March to war, Battle of the Flint River, Siege of St Augustine

Episode 4- Apalachee Massacre, destruction and depopulation of Spanish La Florida

Episode 5- Runaway slaves, free African-Americans and the start of the War of Jenkins Ear

Episode 6- War of Jenkins Ear

Episode 7- Florida Becomes British

Episode 8- British East and West Florida 1763-1775

Episode 9- The American Revolution begins – Florida’s role

Episode 10- Catholicism’s role and other factors that kept Florida loyal to Britain

Episode 11- Patrick Tonyn & The first Continental Army invasion of Florida

Episode 12- Battles of Thomas Creek & Alligator Creek Bridge

Episode 13- West Florida front

Episode 14- Pensacola

Episode 15- St Augustine 1779-1782

Episode 16: 1784-1819, finishing up the era

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