DeSantis v the Mouse battle intensifies

Governor DeSantis is now biting the hand that’s fed him for four years. Despite receiving extensive campaign contributions from Disney, and seemingly crafting part of his COVID response in summer 2020 to placate the company, he’s now on the attack against the “woke” corporation.

Earlier today, DeSantis campaign sent out this solicitation following the Governor’s attacks on Disney the last two days related to the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation. While reading this, note the childish reference to the current Biden Administration as “Brandon.”

Woke Disney is now echoing Democrat propaganda and falling for the corporate media’s phony hysteria over a Florida bill that sensibly prohibits K-3rd graders from being indoctrinated with transgenderism and R-rated lessons about sexuality. Frankly, Kartik Krishnaiyer, kindergarten classrooms should be a place for kids to be kids, not testing grounds for leftist ideology. But one thing is abundantly clear here: The media, the radical Democrats, and the woke corporate mob haven’t even attempted to JUST READ THE BILL. Kartik Krishnaiyer, ignore the media’s hysteria and just read the Parental Rights in Education bill for yourself. In yet another attempt to create a smear campaign to bring down Governor DeSantis, and to pressure woke businesses to take a stance against the legislation, the Democrats and their media lackeys are intentionally lying about what the bill is about.Make no mistake about it: this is an intentional and coordinated attack. Rest assured: Governor DeSantis’ policies are always going to be in the best interest of Florida citizens, not on the musings of woke corporations. If Disney had bothered to read the bill, they would know that this is pro-parent and pro-child legislation. Governor DeSantis will not be lectured by woke corporations about what is best for families. Disney is in far too deep with the Communist Party of China and has lost any moral authority to tell you what to do. Disney should know a villain when they see one. 
Since Disney decided not to read the bill…Governor DeSantis has requested that a member of our staff hand deliver a copy of the seven-page bill to Disney HQ on Monday. George – who volunteered to drive to Disney HQ in Orlando –– needs your help to overcome Brandon’s skyrocketing gas prices. Chip in $4.32 (the new average price of gas) to help send George to Disney HQ! >>> >>> Chip in $4.32 to send a copy of the bill to Disney HQ <<< Team DeSantis 
P.S. If you are feeling generous, chip in another $5 to buy George a hamburger for his drive – We’ll give you a full report from the road.

It’s interesting for me to see Disney mentioned in reference to China, because when I raised this issue a while back during the screening of Multan, no GOPer in Florida, I spoke to was concerned about it, and one even called me a “chronic boycotter,” which I must admit was sort of cute, because it is true.

Disney for their part now is pausing political donations.


  1. The idea is to be battling and show you’re a victim.

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  2. Tell me that this bill really didn’t have a sentence that including, “…. wave those rights…”


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