Does Governor DeSantis want to drill offshore in the Gulf or in the Everglades?

Governor DeSantis has tweeted on multiple occasions the last few days that domestic energy production must increase and that the Biden Administration needs to accomplish this.

A very simple question for the Governor, does this mean you want to drill off the Gulf coast of Florida or in the Everglades/Big Cypress? Florida elected officials in both parties have historically opposed this drilling, but recently every US House Florida Republican favored an opening of new drilling except Matt Gaetz (to his credit, Rep. Gaetz has long opposed opening the Gulf up for further oil exploration) who was the only Republican in the entire House to join Democrats in killing the legislation a few weeks ago.

Gaetz, however since that vote has indicated he supports increased production, just not when it involves Florida. This very well could be the Governor’s position as well, but his ambiguous and murky statements leave doubt as to where he stands on drilling in Florida.

It would be prudent if he cleared this up as soon as possible.

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