Let’s stop calling the GOP, “Republicans.”

Many years ago, Republicans and FOX News began a minor but very noticeable shift, calling Democrats instead “Democrat,” or the “Democrat Party.” It was intentional as many internal memos revealed to end implications that the Democratic Party was in fact, democratic.

Well today we have a “Republican” Party that disdains republicanism. The Trump years have exposed the party as one that prefers autocracy, hostility to western liberal values and denial of legitimate election results to the republican system of democracy in the United States.

They are party which now pushes the sort anti-democratic measures around voter disenfranchisement that are not conducive with republican government or the spirit of this democratic republic.

Therefore, we will try at this site and urge others across the board to use the term GOP (Grand Old Party) as much as possible to describe the “Republican” Party.

It’s semantics but seemingly necessary at this moment in time.

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