CPAC 22: Uniting the pro-Putin right with the pro-Putin left

CPAC 2022 returns to Orlando for a second successive year, as Governor Ron DeSantis along with his media allies have made Florida the epicenter of American “conservatism” which is in reality a rejection of traditional conservatism.

The conference will kick off Thursday and in addition to Governor DeSantis, one of the featured speakers will be former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) whose recent fame as a FOX News guest has centered on various defenses of Putin/ Russia and attacks on big tech as well as outlandish claims that somehow the Biden Administration is a “fascist” one which is seeking to undermine democracy and crush free speech (the projection in Rep. Gabbard’s recent media appearances including last night on Tucker Carlson, is first rate, even Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis surely could take notes).

Gabbard much like many of her new right-wing allies has defended Russia’s belligerence toward Ukraine, using all sorts of justifications most of which put the fault for the conflict at the feet of the United States and other western nations. Gabbard has also recently echoed the right-wing views of President Biden, vaccines and cultural issues.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the CPAC conference here at TFS.

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