New TFS podcast series: Albion Florida, an objective look at colonial Florida in a time of politically-inspired historical whitewashing

I’m currently writing a narrative about colonial Florida titled “Albion Florida” which will have a specific emphasis on English/British interactions with the state. The book is in its final stages of its first draft.

However, given the current efforts by the Governor and Legislature to whitewash Florida History and teach our children myths rather than reality, I’ve decided to take the book in a condensed form and turn it into a podcast series that will debut in mid-February and run through the end of March. We’ll take a break from our normal podcasts which often focus on political topics of yesteryear until early April after our episode on Populist Governors of yesteryear which will be released on February 8 (we also have a podcast on the Johns Committee and the infamous anti-LGBTQ Purple Pamphlet coming out this Tuesday to coincide with the latest pushes in the legislature on these sorts of issues).

We’ll discuss topics related to slavery, interactions with indigenous people, the factors that made St Augustine a uniquely tolerant and cosmopolitan place (both terms are relative) when compared to colonial outposts further north on the Eastern seaboard. Also discussed will be how Spanish colonial policies differed from English and French ones, giving Florida a unique feel under Spanish rule. We will discuss why East and West Florida, with a large Catholic population choose not to join the rebellion of the 13 British colonies directly to the north.

TFS+ subscribers will get early access to each podcast.

The podcast will be available via the regular Florida History Podcast streams on Anchor (which hosts our show), SpotifyGoogleApple PodcastsRadio PublicBreakerOvercastCastro and Pocket Casts

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