What the Democrats need to hear (but don’t want to)

Today’s print edition of The New York Times contains an op-ed by Ezra Klein that popped up online on Friday. It discusses progressive numbers guru David Shor’s view of the political landscape and his ominous warnings for Democrats.

Based on my own reading of the electorate which I will admit was iffy from the 1990’s to 2014, but has been fairly spot on since, I believe the Democrats are in serious trouble heading into the 2022 cycle.

I’d urge everyone to take a look at this editorial and process the points being discussed. They mirror many of my own concerns about the direction of the party. I should add that I am ideologically a progressive that’s fairly far to the left on issues but also understand the need for the Democrats to put forward a message that improves electability. Those two things are not always mutually exclusive as the piece the indicates. But practicality and tone is important and critical for the Democrats going forward.

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