Flashback 2005: Fort Lauderdale air service from OAG

Fort Lauderdale air service April 2005 – very different from today

Very interesting to see how Fort Lauderdale (FLL) air service in 2005 contrasts with today. 

Only flight to South America was Avianca’s daily Fort Lauderdale-Bogota service (besides a once-daily flight to Guyana on now-defunct Guyana Airways) . Today FLL has somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 daily nonstops to South America when not COVID-impacted. 

Delta was offering lots of point-to-point service from Fort Lauderdale to various cities in the southeast USA including Pensacola, Greensboro and Richmond. Today Delta serves only its hubs from FLL outside of Raleigh/Durham nonstops which is a longstanding route which Delta has maintained since the early 2000’s.

Most service to the Caribbean and Central America from Fort Lauderdale was on network carriers American and US Airways. Both operated focus cities at FLL at the time. Today the vast majority of service to the Caribbean, Central America and South America is on low-cost carriers, Spirit, JetBlue and Southwest. It should be noted American in 2021, has restored Fort Lauderdale-Port-au-Prince service listed in this 2005 OAG and previously dropped around 2017. 

No Transatlantic air service. FLL had multiple transatlantic flights in the 1990’s (Icelandair, Finnair, Condor Laker and South African) and again from 2010 to 2020 ( at various points, Condor, Norwegian, British Airways and Emirates). But like in 2005, FLL has now lost all transatlantic service. 

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