TFS +: Fixing the Democrats messaging woes in Florida

Democratic activists might believe Governor Ron DeSantis is in re-election trouble- but plainly he is not at this point in time. In fact, he enters sits in stronger position for reelection a year and half out than any previous GOP governor in the last 150 years.  

Once again Florida’s Democrats are showing an inability to actually define the GOP opposition in a manner which weakens the sitting Governor or his party among Florida’s electorate.

As I wrote last month “Democrats and party-aligned NGO’s have long been well-funded to create certain narratives that marginalize Republicans. But for all the fundraising success these groups have had, they have failed to adequately define Florida Republicans to the electorate as a whole – also showing to Republicans they can engage in any sort of conduct and get away with so long as they dodge the legal system.”

Today we will define how the Democrats can change the narrative. Please note the points below do not reflect my personal ideological views which tend to be further left, but what I believe will help drive the Democrats toward victory. 

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  1. Christopher Kennard · ·

    Most of us are beginning to realize that it is up to the people, ourselves, not the politicians nor the courts to lead our nation going forward, into the 21st Century. For ourselves, our children, our children’s children and for us all. An oft-said phrase, perhaps now coming closer to being reality.

    Putting matters into proper perspective, citizen-voters are to “guide” politicians as what to do, or we may not vote to re-elect them to office again. Judges must follow the laws we create and enact, particularly those we approve by majority vote and enshrine in our state and federal constitutions.

    Yet, in our state, people must counter voter suppression laws. Stop attempts made against our right of peaceful assembly . . . to peacefully protest. And we must restore our right to petition to go vote.

    We must rescind new HB 1 and SB 90 laws to end our right of assembly for peaceful protest and the bagful of laws to make it harder for most folks to go vote, as well as the 2019 HB-5 and 2020 SB 1794 legislative laws, designed to end our right to petition, so we can go to vote to approve and enact our laws, by ourselves, for ourselves. These are popular laws that over a 60% majority or more of people wish to live with and abide by. In Florida our elected officials oppose them. So, we bypass politicians in order to go vote to approve enact such laws, ourselves. By utilizing Florida’s state constitutional amendment petition process.

    Election reports note that 66% of the eligible voting population of the USA took part in the 2020 election . . . more folks than any other election in the last century! Yet, 34% of the people who can vote still did not do so! Why? It is important to know! They may wish to vote with us someday!

    Floridians For Freedom (FFF) is a civic citizen’s statewide volunteer group and sponsor for the RIGHT OF ADULTS TO CANNABIS [Ballot Initiative Serial # 15-20]. This proposed state law restores the status of all plants of the genus, Cannabis, as well as the right of adults in Florida over the age of twenty-one to possess, use and grow your own Cannabis, on private property, in the privacy of your own home, for medicinal purposes and personal use.

    Our volunteer voter signed petition collection campaign from home is as easy as one, two, three! For folks to do on their own or with others from home. With very little cost in time or energy required. And, it is quite inexpensive to do. Maybe spend as much as $1 for one stamp, one large envelope and three to six one-sided copies of our legal Cannabis petition, for instance, that you use as a volunteer at home who signed one petition, passing two along, asking their neighbors, friends, and other folks, to please, do the same. Pass a petition copy each to two other registered voters to do it again, “sign one, pass two along” is our sing-song mantra. “Sign one, pass two on”!

    Go to to read, and if you agree, to print three petitions out to be signed.

    Make three copies of the petition to sign one and pass two along . . . asking them to please do the same . . . in every town, city and county across Florida, creates a daisy chain of Cannabis petitions in this instance, flowing in from all 67 counties . . . spring and summer seeds that we harvest in fall.

    We make direct connect with voters signing popular issue petitions to go vote to enact our own laws. Direct, face-to-face contact is generally the best way to secure a vote, using petitions that voters can believe in and vote to see it all happen, right before their eyes, come election day.

    Our 60% majority vote can continue to approve constitutional amendment laws that will supersede and override any legislative laws passed in the future by corrupt politicians who attempt to suppress our right as Florida citizens to petition to go vote or violate state or federal voting rights.

    But it is up to individuals, groups and civic minded organizations in Florida who wish to restore our state constitutional amendment citizen’s initiative petition process by using it this year and again in 2024. It can help us to elect honest candidates. To get the people out to vote in great numbers. To go to vote to approve and enact our own laws with which we wish to live and abide by in Florida.

    This is a call to each and every one of “us” individually, because it is time to act to create the positive change to happen! Simple steps, simple acts to take, lead to very simple results that are easy to see . . . which is one good reason why petitions are a useful tool to use to organize a people’s movement. Given the coronavirus pandemic; a tool well suited to the times and occasion, to save our constitutional rights.

    Politicians nor the courts will or can do this. Only “we” can!

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