Fort Mose II: The second free African-American settlement in the current US.

In recent years as the experience of African-Americans in North America has become a serious topic for historians to explore, more emphasis has been placed on Fort Mose, which in 1738 became the first free African-American settlement in what is now the United States.

Next week on The Florida History Podcast we will discuss the period of time from Robert Searle’s raid on St Augustine in 1668 to the formation of Fort Mose in 1738 as well as the War of Jenkins Ear that involved free African-Americans fighting on the side of Spain in Florida.

What I had not known until visiting St Augustine this week was that in 1752, a new Fort Mose was built nearby the original Fort Mose. Here is short video depicting the natural area where Fort Mose II stood from 1752 to the British assuming control of Florida in 1763 as well as some photos of the area.


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    That bird flying is awesome.

    Where exactly is this?

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    1. About two miles north of St Augustine on US 1.


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