#COVID-19 fallout: International airline service to/from Florida in June (May 17 update)

This week’s update has good news about Lufthansa returning service to the state in mid June. Several other updates as well.

Air Canada Rouge at FLL By Alec Wilson from Khon Kaen, Thailand – C-FMWY, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=57553002

Air Canada

Fort Lauderdale-Montreal 4x a week (normally twice daily)

Fort Lauderdale – Toronto 3x a week (normally twice daily)

Fort Myers-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally 4x a week)

Miami- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally one daily)

Miami-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally twice daily)

Orlando- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Orlando- Toronto 3x a week (normally twice daily)

Tampa- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally 10x weekly)

Air Europa

Miami-Madrid SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Air France

Miami-Paris (CDG) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Miami- Port Au Prince 3x weekly (normally once daily )


Miami-Rome (Leonardo DaVinci) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)


*Avianca filed for bankruptcy this past week

Fort Lauderdale-Bogota SUSPENDED (normally 2x daily)

Miami-Barranquilla SUSPENDED (normally 1x daily)

Miami-Bogota 1x daily (normally 3x daily)

Miami-Cali SUSPENDED (normally 1x daily)

Miami-Medellin SUSPENDED (normally 1x daily)

Orlando-Bogota SUSPENDED (normally 2x daily)

British Airways

Miami- London (Heathrow) SUSPENDED (normally 3x daily)

Orlando- London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally 13x weekly)

Tampa – London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)


Fort Lauderdale- Dubai CANCELLED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 1 (normally 4x weekly)

Orlando- Dubai SUSPENDED (normally once daily- scheduled to resume July 1)


Miami-Amsterdam will resume on October 25


Miami-Warsaw SUSPENDED (normally 5x weekly)


Miami-Frankfurt 1x daily effective June 15 (normally 1x day)

Miami-Munich SUSPENDED UNTIL OCTOBER (normally 1x day)

Orlando-Frankfurt 1x daily effective June 15 (normally 1x day)

Orlando-Tampa 1x daily effective June 15 (normally 1x day)


Fort Lauderdale-Barcelona 2x weekly (normally 3x weekly)

Fort Lauderdale- Paris (CDG) 2x weekly (normally 4x weekly)

Fort Lauderdale- Oslo SUSPENDED (normally 4x weekly)

Miami- London (Gatwick) 3x weekly (normally daily)

Orlando- London (Gatwick) 3x weekly (normally 6x weekly)

Orlando- Oslo SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)

Tampa – London (Gatwick) 2x weekly (normally 3x weekly)

Qatar Airways

Miami-Doha SUSPENDED (normally 6x weekly)

Royal Air Maroc

Miami-Casablanca SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)


Miami service will resume in October


Fort Lauderdale-Guayaquil SUSPENDED (normally once daily)


Miami- Lisbon 10x weekly (normally 2x daily)


Miami-Brussels SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)

Virgin Atlantic

*All these flights are now scheduled to resume at some point. Orlando service to/from London will switch to Heathrow

Miami- London (Heathrow) SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Orlando- Belfast (Int’) CANCELLED FOR SUMMER 2020 (Previously once weekly)

Orlando-Glasgow SUSPENDED (normally 4x weekly)

Orlando- London (Gatwick) SUSPENDED (normally 12x weekly)

Orlando- Manchester SUSPENDED (normally 10x weekly)


Fort Lauderdale-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally once daily)

Orlando- Montreal SUSPENDED (normally 3x weekly)

Orlando-Toronto SUSPENDED (normally twice daily)

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