#Stayathome Reading suggestion: A Land Remembered

In the event you are scrambling for a late Florida-themed Christmas gift, I have a suggestion. A Land Remembered is perhaps the most fascinating historical fiction book about the state of Florida.

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No book describes old Florida and the transformation to modern state quite like A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith. The author who was nominated on three occasions for major awards passed away in 2014.

Those who have not read Smith’s ,master work should if they are to truly understand the peninsula’s transformation from backwater to bustling urban center. A historical novel that takes place between the 1850’s and 1970s the book describes a fictional Florida family and their lives as Florida changes and grows.

At a time when more and more transients have moved to Florida and have less historical connection or interest in the past, works like Smith’s A Land Remembered become even more important to furthering the discussion and dialogue about the future of our state.

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  1. Ruth Ann Eaddy · ·

    This book is one of the best reads ever. If you live in Florida, it is a must read.


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