The legacy of Reubin Askew

It his 84 years few Floridians left a more indelible mark on the states history and political landscape than Reubin Askew.  In this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss the Askew legacy.
The first Florida Governor to serve two consecutive terms, he frequently challenged the special interest groups of the state. Taking to the airwaves and on the campaign trail frequently to champion a series of controversial issues. He was one of a handful of new south Governors to arise after the 1970 elections and he made great use of his early universal popularity to speak out on busing and racial segregation.
At his state funeral in 2014 he was proclaimed as a bridge between the old and the new Florida. Few American politicians and almost no Floridians can have it both ways. But Askew’s deep convictions and his almost Apolitical approach to public service won him support among almost every political ideology. Allowing him to Elevate the publics perception of its own state and to be seen as something of a youthful father figure to all Floridians.
A Harvard University study recently placed Askew as one of the hundred greatest American governors of all time. It should be noted that he was the only Floridian on the list. Next to LeRoy Collins his administration is held as the finest chapter and Florida’s modern political life.
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