Jalen Ramsey: Rock Star Or Royal Pain In The Ass?

Jacksonville Jaguar cornerback Jalen Ramsey doesn’t care what you think of him. Just ask him
and he’ll tell you. In August he told ESPN, “I don’t really care what people think about me, to be
honest,” while wearing a Gucci hoodie worth well over a thousand dollars.
It’s a theme he returns to often. During the preseason he criticized a number of NFL players
including the league’s top quarterbacks. When informed his criticism might not be taken
seriously he said, “I might be crazy, I don’t care.”

To listen to him one would believe Jalen Ramsey is the most punk rock player in the NFL.
The problem is it’s hogwash. In fact, he may be the most hypersensitive player in the league.
During his first year with the NFL he cried on the sideline when the team lost another game in a
losing season.
After giving up 29 points to the Colts in the first half of a losing effort Ramsey tweeted about his
plans to jump ship, “When I’m gone from here, y’all gone miss me. I ain’t even trippin lol.”
Three days later he lambasted the fans and media for abandoning the team, “If you all want to
jump ship, it is what it is.”
Jacksonville’s world-caliber defense of last year has been playing poorly this year. They reached
rock bottom against the Indianapolis Colts. Tight end Eric Ebron scored three times in the first
half including two touchdown receptions when defensive coverage completely broke down.
Former players and Jaguar radio commentators, Tony Boselli and Jeff Lageman, called the
defensive failures “embarrassing.”
Ramsey continued to complain about his treatment by the press and fans during the week. He
explained when the team turned around their recent fortunes, they would abandon the media and
the fans, “But you all are going to miss us when we are either gone or when stuff back pops and
we don’t want you all anymore.”
Ramsey harbors a delusional view of the fan/player dynamic. If there were no fans, the players
would have no check and hence no game to play; not the other way around.
To Ramsey, there has never been a problem with the Jaguars team or players. Rather the media
is to blame for the team’s woes. When a pre-season skirmish among Jaguars players transpired,
Ramsey tweeted to a specific reporter, “you know you done messed up right?” He threatened,
“(I)f y’all want war, we got sum for y’all.”
To date, Ramsey’s career has survived his mouth. He may the most talented Jaguar and the best
defensive back in the NFL.
He had two interceptions and eight tackles in the team’s losing effort against the Pittsburgh
Steelers this week. His two interceptions were dynamic plays, that displayed both intelligence
and superior athleticism.
Prior to this year the team likely planned their future around Ramsey. His rookie contract ends
after the next season when he may become the most highly compensated defensive back in the
Over the last six months, as Ramsey’s outbursts increased, the team may have recalculated its

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