Choice of Yamiche Alcindor as Gubernatorial forum moderator causing some angst among progressives

Last Tuesday, a coalition of progressive groups announced the moderators for the first south Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Debate, which is oddly dubbed the “Florida Freedom Forum.”  (It has become consultant-driven a fad on the left to try and imitate and mimic the rhetoric and code from the right, but the term “freedom” particularly in the Miami-area has nothing but right-wing connotations in my personal experience even when relating to soccer clubs.)  Many progressives were stunned to learn that Yamiche Alcindor was selected as one of the two moderators. In defense of Alcindor, she’s a prominent national journalist who is a Miami native that graduated from Fort Lauderdale High.  It’s good to have someone with local ties as a moderator for this debate.

But many progressive activists who supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 feel Alcindor was unfair to the Democratic Presidential Candidate in her line of questioning and commentary. Readers can make up their own minds about some of the tweets linked below.

Much of what we do at TFS is opinion advocacy journalism – we approach things from a progressive point of view, but fully disclose we are ideological advocates. It can be argued that some if not many in the mainstream press have a built-in reverence for the Clinton’s which leads perhaps subconsciously to some sort of bias. We saw that again earlier this week as Bill Clinton’s outrageous Monica Lewinsky comments were in some quarters simply ignored or excused.

The allegation has been that Alcindor took a tone in her questioning of Sanders that she didn’t take toward Clinton.”Alcindor’s record of bad faith accusations and innuendo ranging from Bernie Sanders is sexist for campaigning against of a woman, to Bernie Sanders is responsible for the horrific shooting at the Congressional softball game, would seem inconsistent with being a fair moderator,” one progressive who asked not to be named told me this week.Here are the tweets from Alcindor as well as some sort of  – you can judge for yourself.