Flashback Friday: Medicare and Medicaid – the votes in 1965

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As large elements in the GOP try to turn back the clock on health care in this country, let’s remember 1965 and the passage of Medicare and Medicaid. Many ideological conservatives opposed the effort first begun by Harry Truman and completed by Lyndon Johnson to provide essential healthcare to seniors and the poor. President Johnson signed the act that put Medicare and Medicaid in place in President Truman’s hometown of Independence, Mo with the former President present at the signing ceremony. The vote of the Florida delegation, almost entirely made up of Democrats ranging from the liberal Claude Pepper and Dante Fascell to the conservatives Albert Herlong and Bob Sikes largely supported the President. Some no votes were cast though, most notably by Senator Spessard Holland.

Florida vote below:


Yea   D   Sikes, Robert FL 1st
Nay   D   Bennett, Charles FL 2nd
Yea   D   Pepper, Claude FL 3rd
Yea   D   Fascell, Dante FL 4th
Yea   D   Herlong, Albert FL 5th
Yea   D   Rogers, Paul FL 6th
Yea   D   Haley, James FL 7th
Yea   D   Matthews, Billy FL 8th
Nay   D   Fuqua, Don FL 9th
Yea   D   Gibbons, Sam FL 10th
Yea   R   Gurney, Edward FL 11th
Yea   R   Cramer, William FL 12th




Nay   D   Holland, Spessard FL
Yea   D   Smathers, George FL
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