Message from the editorial board of The Florida Squeeze

A column published earlier today on the Florida Squeeze, referencing activist Leslie Wimes, has been withdrawn for failure to meet editorial standards. The piece is being evaluated by our team currently and has been removed from the site.

Although the tone of the piece was intended to be facetious and is based on what many believe to be reality, we were alerted to the possibility it could have been read to assert facts not in evidence impugning Ms. Wimes’ professional integrity, which the Squeeze has no reason to question. We apologize to Ms. Wimes and our readership for the error in judgment.

We invite Ms. Wimes to contribute as a writer to The Florida Squeeze at any time. We are supporters of open airing of opinions and a civil discourse and if Ms. Wimes has an opinion to share about politics or government in the state of Florida, she is welcome to contribute here.

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