What we are reading: NY Times calls out Florida Legislature’s continued derailment of democracy

It may be difficult for those who don’t follow state politics or didn’t grow up in Florida to understand. This state has become a one-party bastion with dangerous overreaches from the governing Republicans that you might have even found in the Soviet Union or Germany under National Socialism.  Time and again going back to the passage of High Speed Rail by constitutional amendment in 2000 and the Class Size Amendment in 2002, if GOP leadership didn’t like the conclusion the voters came to, they aggressively used the power of the legislature to undo or delay implementations. They used the bully pulpit of committee rooms and the floors of the House and Senate to mock voters and imply people were too stupid to understand what they were voting for or against.

It is simply put the derailment of democracy and the institution of the type of dictatorial and ideological tactics that we see in the developing world and read in history books about the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

The New York Times, THE paper of record in this nation has called out the legislature for the latest abuses of power by our legislature as they continue to ignore the will of the people.   The last paragraph in particular encapsulates our struggle in this state over the past two decades.

Not only is this a readable editorial, it’s a frame-able one.

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