TFS writers discuss the Trump threat to civilian rule, North Korea and other foreign policy issues

When President Harry S. Truman fired General Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War he probably saved the republic from a situation where military men ran roughshod over civilian rule when it came to the prosecution of foreign affairs. Today we face a potentially similar crises as the Trump Administration is filled with military men making foreign policy decisions especially in the wake of the departure of the dangerously right-wing, but civilian Steve Bannon. Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer discuss this among other things and the following:

  • Are the military men keen on asserting American world dominance and confrontations with Russia and China?
  • Is Donald Trump’s impusivness and inconsistency a threat to world peace.
  • What does the Syria strike mean for the greater threat of North Korea? Does it hurt Trump’s chances of getting Russian and Chinese buy-in to contain Pyongyang?
  • The need for engagement with Russia is important but many Democrats and MSNBC/CNN pundits will allege collusion and foul play if any Trump Administration official talks to the Russians. Does this limit the options of this administration to conduct a robust foreign policy?
  • Why are neoliberals, neoconservatives and Trumpites all together in Syria?
  • Did the US not learn anything from the failures of George W. Bush and Barack Obama wars in the Middle East?

and much, much more…

Audio after the jump

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