What we’re reading: “Liberals and diversity,” by Matt Bruenig

Interesting article where poverty and law expert Matt Bruenig observes inconsistencies in the liberal view of diversity. Liberals believe that diversity is social good. But they also take action that shows they believe diversity is incompatible with justice, and that justice must be sacrificed to win against right-wing populism.

CLICK HERE to read the whole article, “Liberals and Diversity.”

Says Bruenig:

“If diversity and justice really are at odds with one another, then which one should you pick and why? For myself I strongly support both, do not believe they are mutually exclusive, and understand this to be the standard left position.

[Liberals] they believe 1) diversity is incompatible with justice, and 2) that diversity is important and good, they will reach the conclusion that 3) justice should be sacrificed in order to “beat” right-wing populism. As Beauchamp notes, pursuing a more economically just society “could actually give Trump an even bigger gun” because it flies in the face of the immiseration of racial minorities that majority groups in diverse societies necessarily demand. Thus, it would seem the only way forward is to give in to the bloodthirst a bit in order to stave off an even bigger atrocity.”

This creates quite a pickle for progressives trying to gain yardage for social justice, in a game dominated by liberal donors. Bruenig lays out the argument, and leaves the reader with a set of important questions to ponder going forward.



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