DOT tentatively awards JetBlue and Southwest new Florida-Mexico City flights

As part of the settlement to approve the Delta/AeroMexico joint venture, the two airlines have been forced to relinquish slots at Mexico City and New York’s JFK International Airport. With the divested Mexico City slots, the US DOT has made tentative awards to JetBlue to increase Fort Lauderdale and Orlando to/from Mexico City service from the current one daily to three daily roundtrips to/from each Florida airport beginning in the Summer of 2017. In Summer of 2018, Southwest will be permitted to commence Fort Lauderdale to/from Mexico City service with one daily roundtrip flight.

These flight awards still need to be approved by the Mexican government.


  1. Calling b/s · · Reply

    Strangely the DOT has nothing on their site. The decision has not been made yet. Jumping the gun. Not saying this won’t be the result but it’s bad form to pass it off as news. You obviously got this from a source.


    1. I do have a source but it’s official already. I’d expect Southwest and JetBlue to put out releases tomorrow.

      Alaska which works on Pacific time already has about the awards they got…

      Yes, this hasn’t been reported anywhere else but my information is solid.


      1. Calling b/s · ·


        Sorry. Did not see the Alaska statement.

        Good work!


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