Contribute to The Florida Squeeze!

logo_donateWe at The Florida Squeeze happily embrace the role of opposition party to President Trump’s megalomania. We are all too painfully aware that the Democrats don’t fill the proper role of an opposition party when out of power (as history has proven time and again nationally while we live it everyday here in Florida) so we have launched a new effort  to call out Trump’s lies and deceit while holding elected Democrats accountable when they cross party lines or duck the responsibility endowed in them by the voters (let’s hope we don’t have to do this very often).

Because we are redoubling our efforts to bring content to you at this critical time we will begin taking donations on this website. We don’t have the corporate or big donor backing of other political sites and through the years have generally shied away from selling ads or doing anything that compromise our objectivity. But since opportunity costs exist for our writers who will be devoting more time to researching and writing compelling pieces we have launched a Pay Pal button and account to take donations to the site from our readers. This will also help us tidy up the editing and loose ends of the site that do annoy us as much as they do our readers!

Every little bit helps, so click on this link or the graphic on the right hand panel of the website to help us out!

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