Proposal for a Florida Democratic Writers Caucus

OrangesBy Dan Voglund

The primary purpose of the Florida Democratic Writers Caucus is public relations in nature. The idea is to create documents that would promote the philosophy of the Democratic party to the public, creating a more Democratic-friendly community environment. The method of the caucus will allow greater acceptance of our Democratic candidates, therefore giving them more credibility. This could facilitate a friendlier path for the phone banker and canvasser to follow changing a “cold call” situation to a more welcome “warm call.” This would enhance the phone bankers and canvassers success rates. Individual campaigns would be a unknowing benefactor. It is very important to note that the proposed structure would only permit the publication of documents that are submitted to a Florida Democratic organization and approved by some one with proper authority. Any documents otherwise published would be done so only under the name of the individual and in no way indicate or claim authority of any arm of the Democratic Party. A caucus may publish as a group, but the authority to do so is that of the Chair of that caucus chapter.

A secondary purpose will be to fill the roll of a communications committee for those Democratic organizations that are without the benefit of such a committee. “Writers on Demand,” if you will. An organization could simply request the caucus to work for them much like a freelance writer might, by assignment, but the caucus chapter would reserve the right to accept or not accept a request. With the strength of a group to hone a document, such a method would be able to present several different points of view simultaneously to the client organization. The writers could provide both internal and external communications. Caucus chapters would be able to round-table within the chapter, and with the statewide caucus organization, giving each chapter incredible abilities to research facts, ideas, concepts, past publications and experiences. The input of so many people with so many varied points of view and expertise is almost beyond imagination. Writings that are expertly created to hold a reader’s attention, and awash with undisputable facts, are the instruments that would drive our opponents crazy with embarrassments.

With a qualified stable of writers at the disposal of every county organization, equipped with this kind of written power at hand and at will, even the smallest of organizations would have the unmatchable authority of a giant. Each county group would be empowered to “take it to the press.” Our opponents simply could not compete. Statewide, it is possible, maybe even probable, to have a great deal of influence on the press, and enjoy a solid relationship with the entire news media.

It is well known, and widely accepted that the power of the pen is awesome. The same holds true for the power of a free and accessible press. It is almost unimaginable to believe that a simple quill and a piece of parchment were the tools that created the greatest experiment in democracy the world has ever known. The Florida Democratic Writers’ Caucus would be a tool of immeasurable power and strength whose influence would be simply overwhelming. The key words of the previous sentence are “Democratic, power, strength, overwhelming.”

Respectively Submitted,

Dan Voglund
Member, Charlotte County DEC
Member, Charlotte County Democratic Club


  1. good idea… I Have had many letters to the Editor published in the TampaBay Times but one does not sign as a “Democrat.” A group such as proposed would publish from the group.

    I also feel that while those who love polling, and VBM, etc. may have missed the point of getting our message to those who vote by the frantic efforts to convince people to vote every 2 or 4 years.

    If Florida ( and County ) voters knew who Democrats were before hand it would be easier to convince people to vote.


  2. Patrick J Fowler · ·

    A first job might be to write down what Philosophy they think there is evidence for in the Democratic Party.


  3. Linda Howard · ·

    I think this is a really good idea once the Democrats figure out what they stand for, assuming that isn’t as long as the great American novel.


  4. Linda Howard · ·

    This is a really good idea once the Democrats figure out what they stand for.


  5. For Orange let’s meet weekly at organize now. (Orange county democrats despite having 330,000 members have no office.) Or we can meet in the side room of stardust video early on Fridays?


  6. Patricia Lavins · ·

    This is a great idea that I have attempted to use in the past in a heavily Republican area, I am ready to join the effort.


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