We’re back in the saddle!

As our loyal readers have noticed, posting has been virtually non-existent on this site since May.  Both Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer had political commitments through the August 30 primary that created time conflicts among other things. The opportunity costs of taking political clients on in a busy period forced both of us to drop our writing output to virtually nothing.

Since the primary, Kartik Krishnaiyer  has been dealing with communications issues such as this as reported by The Guardian, while Brook Hines has been focusing on some general election related issues. But this week TFS will return hopefully with a bang for our reading public!

Leave any ideas or suggested topics to cover in the comments section.



  1. It’s about time! We’ve missed you.


  2. Ruth Ann Eaddy · ·

    Now that Darren Soto is our candidate for Congressional District 9, I hope you will stop beating him up and support him.


  3. Fisher Fleming · ·

    Strap that saddle to an irritable Tyrannosaurus, put the spurts to it, and get going, please. We’ve missed both the illuminating and the inflammatory on this site. You guys rub the right people the wrong way. 😉


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