Grayson defeats Grayson


  1. What about Rocky?


  2. Ron Baldwin · ·

    Say what you will against Grayson he is a genuine progressive with solid Congressional experience. If the Democratic poo-bahs had latched on to Grayson regardless of the warts and pimples they could have tied Grayson in to the Bernie Sanders progressive supporters and dumped the deeply-flawed Marco.

    Just as (ugh) I will vote for Hillary, I guess I will have to vote for (also ugh) Murphy. I believe Hillary will prevail but I am afraid that a deeply flawed (Party-Credit-Card and no-show) Marco will beat Murphy. Murphy’s boasting of being a CPA has no real life experience behind it. A polished-up weak resume will not stand up when confronted by Murphy’s scant business experience.

    The Democratic “establishment” in Florida is the biggest impediment to Democratic success.


  3. Ron Baldwin · ·

    I noticed that my comment was posted at 12:18 AM on August 31. Apparently this blog in done on Central time as in Florida it is now 11:22 PM on August 30.


  4. Mark Lynn · ·

    Centrist Democrats won from one end of Florida to the other tonight!! A great night all around …. I had faith and confidence that rank-in-file party members & not the fringe would choose our party’s nominees for November. Congrats to Patrick Murphy, Darren Soto, Al Lawson, Val Demings, Randy Perkins, Debbie Wasserman Schultz & others. Darren Soto is a future star of the FDP, as possibly are Demings & Perkins. We are building a bench for the future!!


  5. I’m as progressive as the come and I voted for Murphy. I am under no illusions, Florida is still, overall, a moderate to conservative state. There is no chance of flipping it to liberal overnight, it will have to be done incrementally. Let’s get rid of Rubio, hold Murphy’s feet to the fire and start looking for more and better democrats for ’18. But first things first.


  6. The whole Dena Grayson campaign struck me as odd and possibly disingenuous in its intentions.

    The first I heard of her was a robo-call referencing “Dena Grayson” before they were even married or “Grayson” was her name. No prior political experience, and every mail piece I saw featured her literally sitting on Alan’s lap.Yet the numbers indicate she effectively split Susannah Randolph’s likely voters — between the two of them they would have crushed Soto.

    Was that the whole idea all along? Not to put Dena in office, but simply to undermine Randolph? Put up another progressive-sounding woman, mix in some Grayson name-recognition, and hope to distract sufficient And if so, two more questions:

    1) Did Alan Grayson understand early on that the Dem establishment would simply not let him win, and decide he’d prefer to run against Soto than Randolph at a later date, and

    2) Did the Alan Grayson campaign effectively become the Beat Susannah Randolph campaign instead? Is that why we saw no mail from him? My household is in his district, and the only calls I even remember from him related to Dena’s campaign.

    I don’t know what went on between Grayson and Randolph, but they were two of my favorite progressive Dems in the area, and now we have neither of them. It’s soured me on Grayson because as good as his policy history is, and as satisfying as it was to hear a Dem railing for real Dem values like Social Security it seems apparent that at some point he decided he’d rather spoil things for Randolph than win for himself. I frankly don’t know if I could support him again if his plan is fight another day vs. Soto.

    We can do better.


  7. JOE KREPS · ·

    Progressives are distained by the status quo establishment. They want our votes and activism but do everything possible to defeat our candidates. Perhaps the time has come to unite with like minded Independents and give a serious look at the new Progressive Independent Party. Check out their website and FB page. 2018 is right around the corner.


  8. Loss of Grayson is a tragedy for the entire nation. So is the “victory” of DWS.


  9. Not crazy about DWS but I’m not sorry to see Grayson go. There has to be others out there,just as progressive, without the baggage.


  10. […] He was extremely useful to party insiders to take down Alan Grayson in the primary (though Grayson did much of that himself) but when forced to go to the mat for him against Rubio, they failed […]


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