Democrats need to realize guns are not the only issue related to a violent America

"Houston Gun Show at the George R. Brown Convention Center"

“Houston Gun Show at the George R. Brown Convention Center” via Creative Commons

Guns. Every time we have a tragic shooting in the United States, the left says that guns are the problem and the right claims an armed society is a safer society.  Obviously the influence of the NRA on many politicians has created a situation where it is difficult to regulate guns in a logical and safe manner – every other major industrialized country has significant restrictions on gun ownership and usage. Just this past week, spending time in Germany I will admit I felt safer and more secure knowing that my words if misinterpreted would not result in someone potentially pulling a gun on me.

I support any and all gun control legislation. Having spent much time in Western Europe through the years I have always felt gun control is an important part of a modern, civilized society and compare the US’ attitude toward guns and violent behavior to the countries we seek least to emulate – Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iran among others.

However, the left while 100% right about guns has avoided other topics related to the causes of violence that some on the right do discuss, sometimes as a diversionary tactics but nonetheless themes the left and Democratic Party should embrace.

Below are a list of items that Democratic politicians and liberal activists should consider discussing in relation to gun violence, beyond the obvious need to further regulate deadly firearms.

  • Hollywood movies that include violence DO have a corrosive impact upon American society. This is a simple reality, that many disturbed people DO emulate what they see in movies. Hollywood needs to be put on notice.
  • Violent video games have long been something I have advocated against. Making a “game” out of killing people or animals, scoring points for decapitating people’s heads thus spilling blood all over. Making it seem like no consequences exist for killing to young people who play games does have an effect on the psyche of those who are disturbed. Video games need to be further regulated and the most violent games banned from the US market.
  • Whether we like it or not, the breakdown of the family unit has contributed to the increasing rates of violence and hopelessness among many. Democrats need to talk about this openly and relate it to the GOP’s continued desire to destroy the very government programs that benefit the family structure in this country.

The points I have made above may sound like they came from a conservative Republican in this newly polarized era of Republicans backing anything the NRA wants, and Democrats opposing anything the GOP or NRA says to push back against violence. But two decades ago, these points were being made by liberals more than conservatives. I feel we need to get back to that point and own finding solutions to the growing problem of violence in America.


  1. This could have been written by a Morisot or NRA lobbyist. Shame on you Kartik Krishnaiyer!


  2. There is one thing that Florida Dems can do. They can come out against the Gloc VS Docs legislation that will make it a felony for health care workers to ask if people have weapons. Not one dem has come out and spoken against this. It’s not even on their radar.
    this is required through JACHO to ask this question
    In order to close our programs you must ask the question
    Instead of having this discussion with the people that make this a requirement we the health care workers that do assessments get punished.
    This conversation needs to stop going around and around. If people are on a terrorist watch list and they don’t belong there -there should be some kind of corrective process. After that people on that list should not able to buy guns.


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