(AUDIO ARCHIVE) TFS Radio 4: Presidential Primaries, Southern Vote and FDP Discussion

cropped-flsqueeze5.pngKaty Burnett  joins the pod this week! Listen LIVE here at 7:30 pm every Tuesday or on demand anytime afterwards. This week the show covered the following topics:

  • Republican Field: Jeb! v Marco Rubio. Ted Cruz: why are so few talking about him and is he the guy to win Florida and the South?
  • Is a Jeb! comeback in store?
  • Democratic Field: Sanders authenticity vs O’Malley’s political character. Does Hillary need the Rural South to win? Is North Florida a good litmus test of this?
  • Does Bill Clinton help Hillary Clinton win anywhere?
  • Local DEC’s and candidate recruitment. Do they even bother? Do they even care?
  • Florida Democratic Party discussion

Audio is below or can be listened to via Rabble.TV at this landing page:



TFS Radio is a collaborative effort of The Florida Squeeze and Rabble TV. Via our partner Rabble.TV you can listen to the show on your computer, on your phone via the Rabble app or now even via your mobile browser. Join the conversation by registering at Rabble.TV  . You can always interact with us via Twitter by sending a tweet to@Fl_Political_Sq or @Nashville_Brook or @kkfla737


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