Brookings – Rise in student debt thanks to for profit schools

Student loans are one of the greatest causes of permanent personal debt in the United States. The Brookings Institute has released an important study about the role of for-profit schools in this phenomena. Unfortunately, Florida has become one of the epicenters of this industry in the country thanks to the ideological zeal of the legislature’s leadership and the effective lobbying of for-profit schools at the state and local levels.

Interestingly the Brookings Study found that the largest traditional university that contributed to student debt nationally was Broward County’s own Nova Southeastern University. The full study is worth a read and can again be found here.

One comment

  1. The progressive message is go borrow all you want to go to one of the indoctrination camps (masquerading as higher education). No problem as we will see to it you never have to pay it back – beside unlike those pesky houses we previously made it so easy to buy no one can repo your brain (and how unfortunate that is for those non-progressives – like me). What a farce!


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